What is the difference between the Zetec and Duratec engines?



The Duratec engine produces approximately 185 HP in stock form; higher than the Zetec.  The Duratec's valves are two sizes larger from than in Zetec engines. The Duratec head is better in its flow characteristics. The Duratec has a lighter, aluminum block, an improvement over the Zetec's steel block.  Both operate very well in these cars, but the Duratec is both lighter and more powerful.   


Why is the computer system so expensive? 

The computer we have chosen, the Haltec Platinum 1000, is a highly sophisticated system of interest particularly to discriminating drivers. It has been developed and enhanced specifically for Birkin cars. The system will function correctly using the direct fire 4-coil ignition system standard to the Ford Duratec engine. It utilizes engine vacuum for refined tuning, and will power many other upgrades the owner might choose in the future.  It comes with all sensors, plugs, fittings and apparatus needed for the Duratec engine, labeled and ready to attach. The map for the computer has been developed for several Duratec engines on a chassis dyno. The system allows the owner to modify the map using a PC, for functions such as managing superchargers, launch controls and other applications. It is truly a "plug and play" engine management system.  

There are other engine management systems available at lower cost, which may not have the functionality of the Haltec Platinum 1000, and we are glad to source one of these for you.  With a lower price computer system you will not sacrifice significant performance.

What about Safety?

We have never heard of anyone losing their life in a 7.  The center of gravity is such that they are very difficult to roll. The Wide Track and IRS suspensions enhance this. Every car has a roll cage. The steering, agility and stopping power are such that you have a much greater chance of avoiding an accident than in most other cars.