New! Birkin Owner Highlights

"These cars are a blast to autocross."

Fellow Birkin owner Gary Abrahamzon and a co-driver recently won first place in DM at SCCA's 2010 Texas National Tour in Mineral Wells.  Congratulations, Gary!

To see Gary's track video, taken with a $50 camera from The Bullet Cam, Click here.



Gary has modified his Birkin for racing.

"I use my car for autocross only. It has nothing in it that is not needed for the events I run, no windshield, no lights, no interior and only the wiring necessary to run the fuel pumps, fan, Accusump and ECU. I had to add about 40 pounds of ballast to make minimum weight for D Mod class. The car is too low to run on the street; I have only 1 3/4 inches of clearance under the bellhousing before I bottom out."


Some of the specs on this car are:

Close ratio SPC gearbox; 3.90 rear end gear; Quaife limited slip; 13x10 Panasport 3-piece wheels; Hoosier 20 x 9.0-13 B25 slicks; Heim joint 4-link with aluminum bars; Koni 8212 series shocks, 450# front springs; 200# rear springs; Howe 2:1 steering quickener; Walt Zettner roll bar; Esslinger aluminum flywheel; Clutch Net pressure plate and 4-puck clutch disc; custom oil pan for extra ground clearance; 2qt Accusump; 3 gallon fuel cell; Outlaw 4-piston calipers front and back; 2-pound Wilwood residual check valves in front and rear brake lines.