Birkin Cars and The Latest Technology

Highlights of Birkin Technology

By Dick Brink

new S3 color anthracite  

Birkins now have several important features which have dramatically improved performance.  I feel you will be as impressed as I am.

Wide Track Suspension

The front end is now wider, permitting less transfer of weight to the rear and resulting in better traction in the rear in corners. As a consequence of less weight transfer to the rear, you can use more power in the corners and accelerate faster. You will also experience better control of the front. The better the stability and traction in the front, the safer you are.  If you can control the steering, you control the car.  If you do not control the steering, your car is out of control!  You will also not experience as much push in the front as is often experienced, particularly when using an LSD in the rear differential.


Independent Rear Suspension

The live rear axles used by Birkin in the past are very durable and perform very well because of the 5-link system.  This can easily be observed by watching the success of these cars on a track.

The IRS, however, takes rear suspension technology to the next level.  Birkin spent many years developing and proving the merit of the live axle system we now have, and now the suspension travel has been increased!  The ride quality is dramatically improved.  The traction has also been improved by keeping the tires on the ground during hard acceleration.  All of this equates to less need for LSD for some drivers.  However, for high-powered cars and for folks doing autocross competition, the LSD will continue to be an important asset in the future.

The new IRS also incorporates an adjustable rear anti-roll bar into the system.  This is very important to high levels of track competency because of the option to adjust for over-steer and under-steer balance from both ends of the car.  Fine adjustments are much easier to accomplish with this new system.

Ford Duratec Power

In the next major development, the Duratec engine produces approximately 185 HP in stock form.  The valves are two sizes larger from the factory than in Zetec engines.  The head is much better in its flow characteristics.  Add to this the lightness of the engine due to the aluminum block, and imagine!  These and other improvements make important steps forward in the evolution of modern power for Sevens.  The bottom line?  More power for less cost than ever in the past.  We offer upgraded versions of this engine to include a 275HP version…power is up and costs are down.

Other recent developments include improved pedal boxes, new and better seats, improved brakes, more refined instruments, panels using vinyl bed liner material for better durability, and many others.

Sevens have been around for decades, but they have not been standing still.  The newest Birkin may look much like the Birkin of the past, but has now been engineered to be far superior.