More than just parts


As the depot for specialized parts for Lotus, Caterham and Birkin "Seven" type cars, we do more.  We can help you identify, source and install your parts.  Technical advice is free.

Our parts inventory includes:

  • Engines and parts for engines. Our specialties are Ford Zetec, Crossflow, and pre-crossflow engines. We have a complete Ford Formula Jr. engine in racing trim and is completely fresh!
  • Clutches, flywheels (both steel and aluminum), bellhousings and transmissions.
  • Body parts include fiberglass, carbon fiber, and aluminum construction.
  • Wheels and tires, 13" and 15" sizes. These include both steel and lighter racing style construction.
  • Instrumentation, seats, tops, side curtains, and bikini tops.
  • Suspension parts and shocks, differential parts, roll over bars, anti-roll bars, pedal boxes etc.

 For other parts, or for questions please contact us. If you e-mail, please put "parts" as part of your subject line.




Some of our parts are a challenge to describe.  In an effort to assist you in finding what is needed perhaps the photos below will be of assistance.  Our effort is to display these photos in categories which will be of assistance to you in finding what is needed.  If you see something of interest please tell us where it is located and we will assist you by providing more detail.  In the same manner we will give you a price on specific parts.  Some of the items will be used and therefore priced accordingly.

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