Performance Options


Engines Technology

We have a large selection of Super Seven parts, and we are experts on this series of cars. Texas Motor Works has done extensive development on new engine technologies to achieve the best performance possible from your car.

For Birkin Cars  


Engine   We recommend the Ford Duratec engine. It provides plenty of power and torque, and is great for most applications.  With its lightweight aluminum block and larger valves (an improvement over the earlier Zetec engine) in stock form it produces approximately 185 hp. This engine can be upgraded with specifications including Stage 2 cams, throttle body intake system, and a Birkin exhaust system. These upgrades can increase performance to 300 hp or more.  

Our primary recommendations are the Stock Ratio 5-speed T-9, the Close Ratio T-9, and Quaif Sequential Shift 5 or 6 speed transmissions. Other options are available.

Engine Management System  

The Haltech Platinum 1000 is our preferred computer. It has been developed and enhanced specifically for Birkin cars. It will function correctly with the direct fire, 4-coil ignition system used in Duratec engines, and uses engine vacuum for refined tuning. It will power many upgrades which might be chosen in the future. This is a sophisticated "plug and play" system that is easy to install and allows the owner to modify the map, using a PC, to perform functions such as managing superchargers, launch controls, and other applications. You can find out more by going to Haltech

Other good engine management systems are also available at a lower cost, without sacrificing significant performance.  

Wheels and Tires  

We primarily use two wheels:

The Panasport Mini Lite is a traditional wheel, retro in style, that is enjoyed by many in the Seven community. Most cars use 15 inch wheels. With Panasport we use one spec front and back: 37 mm positive offset. 

Enkei also makes very good wheels with a unique look and high performance. They weigh 9.5 lbs and, like the Panasports, can be used on or off the track. With Enkei we use 35 mm positive offset in front, and 41 mm positive offset in the rear. 


There are many good high performance tires available; however, we have had good success with BF Goodrich G-Force Sport RBL. These BFG tires are sticky and designed for high speed driving, yet they are completely legal for street driving. Birkins are so light that this sticky tire will still provide decent longevity.

If you use Panasport wheels, the recommended sizes are 195/50/15 or 205/50/15. Use the same size front and rear.  For Enkei wheels, we use two different offsets: 195/50/15 82V on the front and 225/50/15 91V on the rear.