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A Build of a New Birkin S3 Duratec


In these photos Jorge is in the process of assembly of the new wide track suspension system. This is a relatively simple process requiring only basic shop tools.



suspension suspension  
It is necessary to leave most of these fasteners loose until the car is assembled and the engine is in place.  After that point the fasteners may be torqued to factory specs in the Birkin Manual and technical bulletins.  suspension  
In these new cars with the wide track suspension system the shocks and springs are set up at a somewhat different angle from that of the live axle cars.  This necessitates slightly different spring rates.  All of these changes however result in much improved handling and ride quality.    

The new front suspension system also uses wheels with a somewhat different offset specification as compared to the live axle version of the cars. We have a contract with Panasport to supply this new version of their Mini-lite style wheels.  We also supply wheels for the older cars as well.


This new IRS rear suspension system system is a major improvement.  The live axle cars are great!  These are simply superior in many respects.      
We offer these new cars with a choice of differentials and ratios.  One option is the Ford Sierra and the other is Subaru. These are available in both open and LSD versions.       
Jorge is now assembling the engine, clutch, bellhousing and transmission. This clutch is an annular design and highly efficient. The transmission shown is a close-ratio Ford T-9 5-speed.      
 In most cases we install the engines and transmissions in the cars by raising the body and let it down over the components to be installed.


This is a 2 Ltr Ford Duratec engine with Jenvey throttle bodies being installed.  It also is equipped with stage two cams.  The aluminum radiator is a stock item from the Birkin Factory.      
As for the air cleaner system, we use a large foam system which permits the best breathing for the engine at high rpm.  Each cylinder breathes from one large cavity of air.