Technology Updates 2011


Dear Birkin Owners:

Over the past year or two we have been very busy working on new products for Birkin Cars.  The factory made some very fine upgrades over the past few years to include the IRS rear suspension, the Wide Track front suspension and Duratec Power.  These changes have significantly impacted the total performance of our cars.

Texas Motor Works/Birkin America has taken a few more steps in the same direction.  Here are some of the most important:
  • We have developed a high performance exhaust header system to include a new collector system.  Our suspicion for a long time is that as we go to 200 plus HP with our engines we are approaching the end of the efficiency curve for the factory headers.  The factory headers do work very well, however we underestimated how much improvement would be realized from our new headers system. The sound is a bit deeper, the torque is improved, and the engines just sound happier with this  exhaust. We are now thinking about doing the same thing for Zetec powered cars.  The cost will likely be $1500 for the new system.  If 5 or more Zetec owners have an interest, we will move forward in the very near future with that project.


  • We now have an air intake plenum for the Duratec engines.  It uses a single throttle body and is proving very successful.  This has been developed in conjunction with some expert folks in the U.S.  We see a lot of future in using this approach and it is also less expensive than the traditional throttle body systems we have been using for years.
  • We now have very light wheels in 7, 8 and 9-inch widths.
  • And now for the BIG ONE:  Our first Supercharged Duratec powered Birkin is here!  It uses the new intake plenum and a single throttle body kit.  The Super Charger is by Pro Charger.  The engine makes all kinds of excellent noises as we hear the Super Charger spin up and the surge valve come on and off.  The torque is wonderful!  The driveability is there for the street.  It runs on pump gas.  It makes around 300HP with a stock engine with a modest boost.  We are very excited about this new car!

The future of performance and fun for our Birkin Cars is assured.