Why Go For A Birkin?


"I have yet to see two identical Birkins."  --Dick Brink


  • Flexibility & Customization.   We engineer the right car for you, depending on your desires, goals and budget. Cars can be ordered as components, ready for you to assemble yourself.  Or, they can come factory-assembled to a rolling chassis, ready for the engine and transmission. They can come factory-painted, or in unpainted aluminum/carbon fiber, ready for your custom paint. You can order a fully outfitted, upscale car, or a basic version which can be upgraded later, as you desire. The options are endless. Click here for information on ordering and pricing your Birkin.


        You can order your Birkin fully assembled by us. Choose from many options in engine, suspension, wheels, tires & more.     You can order your car unassembled, like this kit, and put it together yourself. All parts are new. Kits start at $19,500.     Aerial view of the unassembled body


  • Faster Assembly.   Birkins are manufactured, assembled cars - not kit cars. They come with all new parts. A Birkin can be completed in a matter of weeks, as compared to months for a kit car!


  • The excitement of driving a historical legacy.    Colin Chapman knew what he was doing when he “added lightness” to his Lotus designs back in the 1950’s.  Birkins are both street legal and competition-ready. Their superb power-to-weight ratio provides unbeatable performance and agility.  We have years of experience engineering these cars for both casual use and competition.
  • Performance for the money. There are a number of high quality, high performance cars on the market, with 3x the weight and 3x the power at 3x the price of a Birkin...but with equal performance. Birkins offer greater performance and less depreciation than those cars, with less cost in maintenance and insurance.
  • Resale value.    First, it is rare to find any good Seven produced between 1960 and the present for under US $20K, and they are often found at $30K or more.  Second, by 2009, a typical 2005 Lotus Elise or similar production car will have depreciated by approximately 48%. A typical 2005 Birkin will have depreciated by just 10% in the same period of time.