Dick Brink, President

Since the 1980s, Dick has been dealing in Caterham Seven cars, Lotus Super Sevens, and Birkin Seven cars from South Africa. He has been an active member of the Lotus Club of America for almost thirty years. In 1984, Dick successfully finished the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving and since that time has been active in racing with SCCA and other organizations. In 1994, he founded the Super Seven Challenge Series of racing in North America. Dick has participated in many events and races related to Super Seven cars. His worldwide reputation for technical expertise, integrity and passion for cars sets him - and Texas Motor Works - apart.


Chris Flaugh


Combining a passion for all things automotive with over 30 years of business experience in finance, marketing and real estate, Chris enjoys the playing the role of matchmaker in finding Texas Motor Works’ clients their ideal vehicle at the right price. Having personally owned nearly 100 cars before joining the Texas Motor Works team, encompassing a wide range of German, Italian, and British sports cars, he welcomes the opportunity to share his experiences.


His Alfa Romeo Spider won 1st place in its class at the 2016 Santa Fe Concorso, and he enjoys participating in local events with other cars from his personal collection. His article documenting his experience importing a Mercedes-Benz from Canada to the U.S. was published on Hagerty.com in 2018, and has been frequently referenced on other websites such as Bring a Trailer as a useful and detailed guide to the vehicle importation process. https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2018/02/07/how-to-import-a-car-from-canada-to-the-us


An active PCA member, Chris has owned a variety of Porsches over the years, ranging from a 1969 911E targa, to more modern water cooled 911s and Boxsters, to Cayennes and 928s, just to name a few! Although he has a particularly strong interest in and knowledge of Porsches, he appreciates all interesting automobiles!



George Hillard III


George Hillard is a retired Army officer and HR manager who worked for a global specialty chemical manufacturer. One of their customers was...Ferrari! He has enjoyed sports cars and racing for many years (as a spectator and photographer), living in Europe with the Army, and attending the German, Dutch, and Belgian GPs and the 1000Ks of the Nurburgring. He once drove 2 laps around the old Nurburgring in his Alfa, scaring himself silly.
He has owned a 1967 Alfa Romeo GTV, a 1963 Porsche 356B, a 1936 MG-TA, and two Birkins. He enjoys NASA HPDE weekends in the SE and Mid-Atlantic regions, and occasionally visits NASA-Texas for an event.
George assists with publicity, advertising, and marketing, and keeps track of Birkins throughout the US and Canada.


Jorge Rubio, Technical Associate


A native of Chihuahua, Mexico, Jorge began learning his automotive skills from his father, who owned an auto repair shop, Rubio's Automotive.  After many years of practice Jorge is still studying and advancing his skills on a daily basis.

When Jorge entered the U.S., he attended Exclusive High School in Las Cruces, NM, and  two years before graduating, became a U.S. Citizen in 1986.  He now lives in Arlington, Texas with his wife and two children.  Since 2003, Jorge has developed many new skills in the areas of automotive repair, modification and restoration, including electrical, fabrication, mechanical and cosmetic skills for paint and body work.

Since 2008 Jorge has been working on and assembling Birkin cars for Texas Motor Works, and he is also involved in maintaining other cars in inventory.  Jorge has proved to be very passionate about working on the Sevens, which makes for a win-win relationship!


Cynthia Brink, Marketing

Cynthia has been asked to assist with Texas Motor Works' marketing efforts.  Her automotive knowlege was gained through osmosis from growing up with a father who was always, shall we say, "passionate" about cars.  ("Girls, don't scratch the paint!")  She doesn't claim to be a Porsche expert, but she likes G-forces. She is internationally-minded and enjoys helping put TMW's best face forward. Please contact her with suggestions for improving this site!  cbrink@dcccd.edu.