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Find the car you want, at wholesale,
 without the hassles of traditional car dealerships.

We have 30 years of experience in buying, selling, and appraising the value of all kinds of automobiles, from everyday to luxury and collector models.  Many cars we buy for clients come from dealers' auto auctions, where there are quality standards in place. This means you can get a great new or used car without fear of lemons.



  1. You select your car - any make or model.
  2. We accompany you in the selection process and carefully inspect the car. If it's not right, we won't sell it to you.  You can also inspect the car yourself.
  3. Trade in your existing car, sell it with us on consignment, or sell it yourself.
  4. We purchase the new or used car for you at wholesale.

We are independent dealers with no affiliation with any larger dealership or car manufacturer. Our incentive is to get you such a great car at a such great price that you'll return time and time again.

We don't advertise on television, and you do not help pay for expensive real estate. With traditional dealerships, these costs are passed on to you. With Texas Motor Works, you skip these costs completely.

For more information, call Dick Brink at 817-461-7431

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