This Guards Red GT3 is gorgeous! All original with zero over revs! 1 of 276

* This car is a wonderful example of Porsche engineering superiority!
* The body and paint are original and in beautiful condition!
* The engine and transmission function as new. The clutch is smooth as glass, the transmission works properly.
* Porsche leather in the interior is properly cared for looks extremely nice.
* Wheels and tires are without damage and have lots of life is left in the tires.
* The engine has never one time been abused past the rev limit!
* Clean Autocheck report - no accident history
* 1 of 276 GT3 built in 2005

This GT3 is truly a gem! One of only 276 GT3 models built in 2005! Porsche has always been very strong in all respects! It has been treated well since it was new. This car does not show abuse of any kind. Some of these cars have been active in the racing community, this does not appear to be one of them!

These cars are engineered in ways not standard on most other 911 cars. The engineering objectives of this car was unique in many ways. These cars are designed to perform well on any road or track. That performance is well documented. There is no question these cars are wonderful collectible machines.

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With a life-long love of vehicles, Texas Motor Works was founded in 1982 by Richard Brink. The company's standards are high and the TMW's team is focused on QUALITY! Owners of high-end vehicles understand the importance of exterior/interior maintenance, as well as the mechanical maintenance. While the class of vehicles we provide can be more expensive to find and acquire, we believe you will reap the benefits of lower maintenance and depreciation costs – thus saving your money! In the long run, these vehicles are the least costly to own!

Our searches are not limited to the Dallas-Fort Worth area; in fact, we search from coast-to-coast, as well as internationally. Why? Our experience has shown that while the DFW area is large, it is roughly 1% of the US market. Because Texas Motor Works is not constrained by the normal sales demands and high overhead costs of large automobile dealers and manufacturers, we can afford the time and effort required to find quality vehicles.

Another positive about our operation is that our inventory is at the low end of the historical depreciation curve. In other words, we can afford to be patient with sales, keeping in mind that many exotics continue to appreciate over time.

Our purchases must meet our very detailed TMW 5-Point Scale Condition Reporting System. While most vehicles maintain a 3.5 rating, our inventory must rate between 4.5 to 5 points, resulting in vehicles which are as close to new as a used car can be. Our system involves a roughly 100-point inspection, and we proudly include the condition ratings of our cars. Note: These ratings are conducted by independent service companies for your peace of mind.

The use of services such as car fax is a good resource in understanding a vehicle's history; however, we understand that most of these types of reporting services reports are completed without even SEEING the vehicle. That is why we believe our TMW 5-point Scale Condition Reporting System secures a much higher level of confidence about your purchase. It's interesting that many dealers do not offer these condition rating reports.

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Engine Type


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Flat 6 Cylinder Engine


Body Color

Guards Red

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